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Let me not

Let me not be distracted by the common things

The little things that catch my eye and cause me to give a moment’s pause

Let me not linger too long in dismay over the evidence of my journey

The tell-tale signs of my struggles written on my face in deeper lines and creases

Let me not agonize over the fading of youth and beauty

But only ask what You see in the creases and the lines

Let me not gather the ashes of my yesterdays

In wishing for things discarded by Your hand

Let me not collect my scars like keepsakes held in pretty jars.

To be admired and cherished for my own sake

Let me not be distracted by the common things

Let me not linger, agonize, gather, collect…

Unless it is to

Linger at Your feet

Agonize over another’s soul

Gather the evidence of Your grace

Collect the memories of Your blessings

In these, I will glory and dwell

And from them, let me never wander too far.

Angie ❣

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