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Just one thing…

Mondays have always been hard for me…for one reason or another.

Being a pastors wife, makes the weekends my most wonderfully frantic time now, and causes most Mondays to feel a little like some kind of “holy hangover”.

I also feel the chronic pain of…*fibromyalgia, the symptoms of *Multiple Sclerosis, headaches from the *tumor pressing on my brain stem and spinal cord, one or more of my 6 *herniated discs…or whatever is screaming the loudest, on Mondays.

So, for me, it comes down to focus.  And I have to choose to focus on just one thing.

I have to get up…sometimes barely, and decide to do just one thing.

I love to say, “Seize the day” and “Exceed yourself”, and that can sound grand and life-altering, but it can often just be as simple as making the conscious choice to get up and do something that leads me in the direction that I want to go.

It’s just that simple…

And it’s just that hard.

This weekend, my husband spoke about creating margin in our lives so that we are not constantly on the edge of our stress limits.  He used the visual aid of two closets…one piled with too much stuff and in complete chaos and one much more minimal and neatly organized.  Although these closets were simply for visual aid, they reminded me of what my “one thing” would be when Monday arrived.

So here’s my one thing today:

*To take charge.

In the past few months, there have been so many things that have felt completely outside my control.  I know, intellectually, that this is just life, but I have just been in a season of reaction rather than action.

So today, on this Monday, I am taking a stand against this aspect of the chaos that life has been throwing at me lately.

Yeah, so I can’t control everything that happens to me…but I can control what I can control.

So creating margin for myself means to stop waiting for things to be perfect before I begin to do the things that I want to do…to stop letting the chaos dictate the perimeters of my dreams.

I’m not completely sure what the physical manifestation of this is going to turn out to be, maybe I’ll start by cleaning out my closet and then go from there…?

I do know that I will do today what I can do

And I will do tomorrow what I can do…

And I will begin with whatever keeps me awake at night.

I, just like you, know what it is that hangs over me the most.  So, I’ll do that.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be acknowledged.

I can’t tell you what your “one thing” should be, and I don’t have to because you already know.  Each one of us knows what keeps us up, what we’re passionate about, what we really want to be doing…

Maybe it’s just as simple of deciding to start: 

Start the business.

Go back to school.

End that friendship.

Make that phone call.

Throw it out…stop looking at it…quit going there…

Take charge.

You have as much power as you choose to have.

You can do it…even on a Monday!  After all, there’s really  no better day – Mondays feel like junk either way, at least you can feel like junk with a purpose!

Do small things with great love, and you’ll do great!

Peace to you…


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