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How to Make a Weekly Meal Plan

Angie Bledsoe

I’m not, by nature, a planner. I am a dreamer…but planner…not so much! But, after nearly 30 years of motherhood and hospitality, I’ve have discovered what my grandmothers knew all-too-well: Dreaming without planning leads to chaos! It also leads to a whole lot of frantic trips to the grocery store with hungry toddlers in tow!

I’ve also discovered that proper planning can make your dreams come more fully to life…

Of course, my dreams of a scene out of “Sense & Sensibility” where we are having tea by the riverside in our finest clothing has yet to be realized, but it’s a little less like Christmas dinner in the movie “Christmas Vacation”, so it’s progress!

Here’s my simple plan:

1). Make a list of meals for the week – including everything needed to pack school lunches.
2). List any scheduling conflicts – i.e.: if it’s “dance practice” night, note that the meal will need to be quickly prepared or done in a crockpot that morning.
3). Look up recipes that are appropriate for the day. The busiest day of the week is probably not the best night to try a super-complicated vegan, gluten-free recipe from scratch… (I rely heavily on my Pinterest boards for this – I pin recipes that I’d like to try, then I can look them up without having to search the entire internet!)
4). Compile a list of items and ingredients needed – (I also screen-shot the recipes so I can refer to them in the store – even if the Internet won’t load quickly!)
5). Do your shopping all at once – when you can focus and plan. (For me, this is best done on Friday morning since our weekends are filled with ministry and family).
6). Keep notes on the recipes and meals – what went wrong…what your family enjoyed…
7). Encourage yourself – Your are basically running a small company and there is only “on-the-job” training! You’re so far ahead of the game just because you’re trying!


Just like one bad day doesn’t mean it’s a bad life…one “bad” meal doesn’t make you a bad mother…

If that were the case, I would’ve been locked up years ago!

You can do this!

Peace to you


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