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For a little while…

“Let me carry you for a little while…”
I hear it whispered in every gift He sends.

Still, I try – try to walk, to run, to give…
But my hands are so empty and my footing unsure.

I will fall, I know this – for I’m shaken and weak…
My hands are bruised for my trying – and still I fall.
Then, whispering…whispering softly I hear Him say,

“Why struggle so vainly…be still – be still…Just let me carry you a little while longer.”
In my stillness I feel His power…In my weakness, He is strong.
Yet, in my stillness I travel further than I would have ever gone alone.
In His arms I am stronger than I was before…

For it is there that I am who I was created to be.
…it is there that I am truly free.
Angie ❣

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