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Back to the Garden

Dealing with a brain tumor has caused me to really take inventory as to my approach to healing.  As I stated in “Bliss…redefined”, I believe God has already healed me in the way He sees fit, but in the meantime, I’m taking responsibility for my part.  After all, this world doesn’t fully represent how we were created to live. We were made for better things…for a Garden – to commune with God and nature in perfection…in peace and harmony.

After the Garden, we have been in a constant struggle to both want to be back where we belong…and a desire to prove that we don’t really need the Garden…we can do it on our own!

But every time we are confronted with the reality of our existence here in this fallen world – through disease, disaster, violence or death – we feel that struggle once again.
So, how do we heal while still in this environment? To find the answer, I’ve gone back to the beginning…back to the Garden, and I’ve discovered a plan…actually rediscovered would probably be a better word, since it was God’s plan from the beginning, I’m just admitting that maybe I need to do my part.

When I read Genesis, and I witness the origin of mankind, I see the kind of life God desires for me, and I realize, again, how far my modern existence has drifted from that plan.
So how do I get back? The reality is that, until Heaven, I’m still in the same place…but I need to do my best to live my life as congruent as possible with how Adam and Eve were initially created to live. And in that congruency, I find peace, solace…healing.

Here are a few points to compare to my priorities in my modern existence:

  • I was made to commune with God – to find my source, strength and solace in my time with Him.
  • I was made to live in community with others, not to be constantly alone…not to isolate.
  • I was made to work – to take care of my environment…to work from love, not competition.
  • I was made to enjoy beauty…to draw inspiration from nature and the world around me.
  • I was made to nourish my body with good things…fruits and vegetables from good plants and trees.
  • I was made to rest after my work, to enjoy the fruit of my labor…to have designated times to just be still.

Of course, after the fall…after the Garden, God made provisions for “survival” in a fallen and dying world – like eating meat, for example.

So if I’m entering a time of healing, I need to get back to my roots as much as possible. Anything that puts me far away from how I was originally intended to live should be limited.  Although it’s not fully possible to live “In the Garden”, I choose to take responsibility for the things that I can control.

You can take me out of the garden…but you can never take the garden out of me!
Peace to you…
Angie ❣

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