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5 Steps to Living a Beautiful Life

Angie Bledsoe, finding my bliss

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a beautiful life? Sometimes, life can seem so hectic or mundane that I think we don’t even feel that we’re allowed to consider beauty…but should we?

I believe that God is a big fan of beauty. All you have to do is look around at nature and you realize this. God could have made everything the same…without intricacies and without color, but he didn’t.

The problem is in how we have defined beauty! So many times, when we think of beauty, we begin by comparing…and

Comparison is the thief of joy!

So I’m not advocating comparing your life to that of your neighbor or that “perfect” celebrity that you follow on Instagram, but rather I’m talking about looking at your life, and what is beautiful about it or what is distracting you from fully seeing it’s beauty!

When thinking about living your most beautiful life, ask yourself these questions:

1.) What are the things that I’m truly grateful for? Gratitude is the beginning of the appreciation of beauty. If I’m grateful, then I see things for what they really are – what they represent – what they mean to me, rather than just seeing them as needing to be perfect. The beauty is in the context. Look around at your life and begin to contextualize the things that you see…all with a heart to be grateful!

2.) What have I been given that is unique to me? This sounds like a comparison-trap right from the gate, but again, I’m talking about the uniqueness of you…there is only one you! What are the things that you’re passionate about, what raises your energy? What makes you smile when you look at it? Appreciate the little things, but dream big! God is a great big God and he put great big dreams inside of each of us! Does your life and home represent the uniqueness of those dreams?

3.) What habits should I form? Beauty resides in order. Even my inner “pack rat” functions better when there’s a place for everything and everything has it’s place. A lack of order can keep us from enjoying the beauty in our lives!
It’s important to find the one thing…the “keystone habit” that sets up my day to just be better! For some, this is an organized closet with color-coded clothes – for others, it’s a clutter-free kitchen where everything easily goes into its place and the sink is empty and clean at the end of the day.

4.) What is my plan of action? While beauty resides in order – order comes from a plan! Once you’ve decided what’s important to you – the direction you want to go – it’s important to develop a plan to get there. Then, work the plan! Don’t get discouraged if you get side-tracked. Life is fluid…children get sick, plans get changed. Just decide on at least one “non-negotiable” that you will do your best to accomplish each day no matter what.

5.) Is my home a haven? A haven is a place of safety or refuge! Is your home a safe place for your dreams. When you look around you, are you immediately inspired or drained of all your energy. Again, I’m not talking about comparing our homes to our friends or that blogger-chic who appears to have the perfect life on Instagram! Is your home inspiring your dreams or sabotaging them? The truth is that your life is only as beautiful as the very thing that you allow to weigh you down. Maybe there’s that one thing that you need to address, that one closet you need to tackle…one object you just need to get rid of…one habit you just need to let go.

Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or know to be useful!

Surround yourself with what you need to be inspired to be the best version of yourself! If it’s not beautiful or useful, give yourself permission to let it go.

Only you can make your home a haven…a refuge. No one else can do it for you. You deserve it, and your loved ones deserve to know the you who is at peace!

What a beautiful world this would be if every woman decided that she deserved to live the life that God created her to live…in passion and peace! Begin today – and be sure to comment and share your successes! You can do it!

Peace to you!


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